Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is my neighborhood.

I live in La Cañada de Urdaneta is a small town with few shopping centers, where people are treatable, we all know and share our goals, there are clinics, supermarkets, firefighters, hairdressers, police headquarters, among others .
It is well connected to the rest of the region for its good roads. The main onesare the Maracaibo-La Villa, which crosses the municipality in its northwestern part, and La Canada-La Villa del Rosario. In the port area, the town hascomunicaci6n and coastal ports. The refinery Bajo Grande Bosco has a port for shipping oil extracted from the mining area of the municipality (Campo Boscan).In addition to this port there are two more in the city: Punta de Palma Gas,where natural gas is shipped, and Punta de Palma refinery, which receives white products (gasoline, gasoil, diesel and kerosene).

Friday, July 1, 2011

The legend of La Llorona!!

"The teaching in the legend of La Llorona can be varied

1. Respect for themselves as women ... as La Llorona, but one of the versions where the Goddess weeping for her children ...regularly is a woman blinded by a Spanish native, who is blindand lost both her ​​love for ending this man trampled by

2. Not knowing how to love ... women of legend, not love, not love, blind love x prefers man to kill her children in revenge ... butlater realizes his mistake

3. Already mentioned repentance ... knows he did wrong and should pay for their mistake ... so in some versions suicide and to pay his sin ... mourns the killing of their children.

The values ​​for the listener the story ... are as warnings rather ...the lack of respect of self and others (alcoholism drug addiction, womanizing) risk that you'll find it ... so do not.!"

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Bank robbery
A bank manager ran after the robber, a local police rolling on the floor and  arrested a criminal who says he stole the crisis.

The robber armed with a handgun entered the Francesc Martí Mora Banca March, just after half past ten. After threatening staff stole € 890 and fled. An old Audi was parked nearby, but never the car. Two local police officers happened to pass by that street and the office manager saw them, took to the streets shouting, and began to follow the robber. The police did the same and one of them fell off his bike and suffered minor injuries. The tension was high because at that time was not known whether the gun was real or a toy.
In the end, Francisco O., 41, was intercepted and reduced. He argued that economic hardship was going through serious and was imprisoned in the dungeons of San Fernando, awaiting transfer to the Police Headquarters. Police are investigating whether the same point Monday offender was assaulted another Banca March in Palma, on the street Catalunya. This time the prize was ridiculous: 60 euros.


The video talks about the dream of becoming a millionaire with many eager.

Fashion trend at urbe!

Trend fashion at urbe, we can find different types the trends, in general we can talk about jeans, mast of the students used to attend clases, likewise in the girls can see different trend in hair, one of the braids, the reflections, the ties in ha. It is a trends to use BLACKBERRY and MP4, the vast majority of students do. 

Describing My Family

Poem for Dad on his day.

Poem my Dad: Dario Boscan
By: Darielys Boscan
Dario: Man Working, respect and honesty.
Father of: Darielys, Darelys and Jose Dario.
Who loves his family, his work and historical life.
Who is afraid of loneliness to
Wants to see her daughters succeed Have Always There is supporting. Sincere with others.
I love you Dad you're the best ...